12 Unforgettable Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts for Her (Sure to Impress!)

The Very Best Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

The Perfect Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts to Impress Her
Every year Valentine’s Day seems to be one of those holidays that sneakily creeps up on you and before you know it it’s–WHAT? Next week?!

If this is what happened to you this morning, have no fear. I’ve got you!

I’m here to help you figure out a luxurious gift she’ll love AND one that you’ll be able to get in time.

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1. Dinner and a Dress

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. If you forgot to pick up a gift for your girl this Valentine’s Day, you may be able to cover up your oversight with a really awesome date.

It may not be easy to get a reservation if the big day is coming up so soon, but cancellations happen! You’ll be able to find something with a few calls to local restaurants or by spending a couple of minutes of searching on OpenTable.

Image of dinner at a restaurant as a last minute Valentine's Day gift idea

What’s your girl’s favorite restaurant? Book a table there and she’s sure to be WOW-ed.

Or you might want to mix things up a bit and impress her with a dinner she’s never had before. What’s her favorite kind of food to eat? Find a restaurant you’ve never been to and book a table there to experience something new together!

So where am I going with this? How is this any different from your average Valentine’s Day date?

Well, whatever restaurant you choose is up to you, but to give this date a unique spin you’re going to also pick out your date’s outfit.

That’s right, you’ll be choosing what she’s going to wear at the Valentine’s Day dinner table–so choose wisely! Gift this to her in the morning or a few days in advance and let her know this is what you’d like her to wear to your surprise date.

The idea of your partner picking out your outfit for a luxurious date they are going to take you on is extremely romantic and sexy.

The full circle effect of “Dinner and a Dress” also brings everything together as one big cohesive gift.

So where will you get the dress?
Believe it or not, Amazon has a pretty awesome selection of clothing available, with options ranging from extremely luxurious and pricey to cheap but still cute.

If you need help with picking out a dress, I’ll recommend one super cute option that I just found with a quick search.

Image of a Cocktail Dress as a Last Minute Valentines Gift for Her
Women’s Cocktails Dress from Amazon

This cocktail dress is both sexy and modest at the same time. It makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day dress for girls of all shapes and sizes. I suggest going with red in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, but there are lots of other colors to choose from!

2. Chocolates and a Bottle of Wine

Alright, alright. I know what you’re thinking.

Chocolates? For Valentine’s Day? I could’ve thought of that one on my own.

Well, I’m here to tell you that chocolates are a great gift. They will be appreciated by almost every girl on Valentine’s Day (I mean, as long as she likes chocolate, of course!).

The least I can do is recommend some really amazing chocolates to bring your gift-giving up to the next level.

Ethel M Dark Chocolates Gift for Woman for Valentines Day
Ethel M 24-Piece Assorted Dark Chocolate Collection

I must say I have been really impressed by Ethel M Chocolates. They take pride in creating gorgeous looking boxes of chocolates that not only taste great, but are guaranteed to arrive in good shape.

This is a huge factor to take into account when purchasing chocolates online. You don’t want to your gift to arrive melted or damaged.

My favorite kind are the dark chocolates.

The best part about this assortment is it comes with at two or three of each kind of chocolate, so you’ll be able to try them all with her… if she lets you!

Image of the Ethel M Chocolate Truffle Collection in a premium gift box
Ethel M 24-Piece Chocolate Truffle Collection

If your Valentine isn’t into dark chocolates or likes more of a variety, I highly recommend trying the Ethel M Chocolate Truffle collection.

Not only are these decadent truffles absolutely amazing, they also look so pretty inside of the box.

Get Her a Bottle of Wine that Pairs Well with Your Chocolate
Whether you decide to go with the dark chocolate, the truffles, or a completely different kind of chocolate, it’s perfect wine pairing is out there!

Pairing the box of chocolates with the finest wine is a sexy way to bring your gift up a notch.

Find the perfect wine to pair with your chocolate of choice and your last minute Valentine’s gift for her is complete!

3. Book a Surprise Vacation

Let’s be real… what’s a better gift than a romantic vacation?

Nothing, that’s what!

Booking a surprise vacation is definitely one of the best Valentine’s gifts I can think of.

Image of a woman in a pool illustrating a surprise vacation as the perfect last minute Valentine's gift for her

This is the perfect unique Valentine’s gift idea… because you you’ll be able to pull it off at the very last minute and you won’t have to wait for any physical gift to arrive!

Plus, it is a gift that she will absolutely love.

Book a trip to one of the most luxurious destinations in the world to make this Valentine’s Day one that she will never forget.

4. Cozy Slippers

I’m a homebody and, as a result, a sucker for all things cozy. If your Valentine is anything like me, she LOVES a comfy pair of slippers.

Image of UGGs slippers as a gift idea for Valentine's Day
UGGs Fluff Yeah Slippers in “Caribou”

I have to be honest. I’m one of those UGGs believers. In my mind, they have officially solidified themselves as a shoe that has never gone out of style.

UGG has come out with some really awesome slippers in the past few years, and I know they’ll make a really cute Valentine’s Day gift for her.

The UGG Women’s Fluff Yeah Slide Slippers offer the ULTIMATE mixture of comfortable and cute. This style combines slipper and sandal, with fluffy sheepskin all around and a plush band around the heel.

My favorite thing about the Fluff Yeah slippers is that you can also wear them out! These would look so cute with a pair of jeans or a summer sundress.

Photo of UGG womens tasman slippers last minute Valentine's Day gift for her
UGG Women’s Tasman Slipper in “Grapefruit”

Fluff Yeah Slippers not exactly your Valentine’s style?
The classic UGG Women’s Tasman slippers offer the unmistakable comfy-style, yet still adorable, touch that your girlfriend probably prefers.

The Tasman slippers do still come in lots of fun colors, I recommend going with the “Wild Berry” bright pink option or the “Grapefruit” salmon shade to stick with the Valentine’s Day theme!

5. A Scavenger Hunt

Setting up a fun scavenger hunt for your Valentine is one of the most fun and exciting ways to say “I love you”. It’s also entirely homemade and can be personalized to perfectly reflect your relationship!

I love setting up challenging scavenger hunts for the people I love not only on big holidays like Valentine’s Day, but even just as a good way to say “I appreciate you!” on a random day.

Image of sticky notes used to set up a Valentines Day scavenger hunt

Creating the scavenger hunt itself can be pretty inexpensive. If you’re approaching Valentine’s Day with a budget this year, this is one of the top cheap gift ideas for her.

When setting up your scavenger hunt, you’ll probably only need some fun and cool sticky notes to hide around the house.

Of course, you’ll also need to have a game plan. Where will you hide the notes throughout the house? What kind of clever hints can you come up with? What will the final gift be at the end of the scavenger hunt?

You can be very creative when coming up with your game plan for a scavenger hunt.

End the Scavenger with an Invitation to a Night Out
One really cool idea for an end-of-scavenger-hunt gift is a luxurious, intimate dinner date.

When she gets to the last clue, leave her a note saying to get dressed for a romantic night out!

Make the Prize at the End Something She Can Wear
Another great way to end your scavenger hunt is with a gorgeous, classic piece of jewelry.

Image of a gold bracelet with diamonds as a great last minute Valentines gift for her
Ross-Simons 0.20 ct Bezel-Set Diamond Station Bracelet – 14k Yellow Gold

This Ross-Simons Bracelet is the perfect piece of jewelry to serve as a reminder of your fun Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. Each time she looks down at her wrist, she will be reminded of all you did for her!

I really love this bracelet because it is so minimal, feminine, and classic. The 0.20 carat bezel-set diamond station bracelet is finished with 14k yellow gold.

This exactly the style of bracelet I think of when I think of wearable Valentine’s Day gifts.

6. Roses that Last a Whole Year

Roses… a classic Valentine’s Day gift for women. Roses are one of the most easily recognized symbols of love and romance.

Did you know that they now make roses that last more than the usual week or so that normal roses last? Now you can take your flower-giving to another level!

I’m not talking about fake plastic flowers, either. These are real roses that were created to last!

Image of preserved roses that last an entire year as a Valentines gift for her
Eterfield Preserved Roses on Amazon

Eterfield Preserved Roses are 100% real roses that are hand-preserved by experienced florists. The preservation process keeps the gorgeous red roses bright, colorful, and healthy looking for a full year.

The flowers come in a gorgeous round black box with gold accents. There are 18 roses included in each box.

The best part? They don’t require any upkeep! No watering required. This means even if your girl doesn’t have a green thumb and seems to kill every plant she touches, she will have no problem maintaining her Eterfield roses!

It’s easy to see why these roses would make a great Valentine’s gift for her.

Your love will be felt everyday for a year with these flowers, and your Valentine will surely appreciate your thinking ahead.

7. A Rose that Lasts a Lifetime

What’s that, you say? 18 roses that last a year are not enough because you’ll love your Valentine for a lifetime?

Awww, that’s very sweet. And of course I have a solution!

Image of a golden forever rose Valentines Day gift idea
Forever Rose Hand Dipped Real Rose on Amazon

Give the gift of forever in the form of a flower. The Forever Rose Store now sells a one-of-a-kind, real rose hand-dipped in 24k gold, made to last a LIFETIME!

Because this is made with a real rose, no two products are the same. Your date will be receiving a unique rose hand-dipped in precious metals to preserve it. The stem is plated in 24k gold.

I can’t think of a more romantic way to say “I’ll love you forever,” than by giving a gift as special as this one.

8. A Good Pair of Sneakers

One of my favorite gifts to receive is activewear. Probably because I live in activewear most days.

A pair of nice new sneakers is ALWAYS appreciated.

Image of white Adidas Ultraboost sneakers as a last minute Valentines gift idea for her
Adidas Ultraboost Sneakers in Dark Grey/Grey/Solar Red

I have sneakers of all kind in my closet–ranging from the original Yeezy Boost 350s and Gucci sneakers to cheap pairs from Target. Out of all the sneakers I’ve owned, my personal favorite that I own are the Adidas Ultraboosts.

Believe it or not, I actually got my very first pair as a Valentine’s Day gift! That’s how I know these make for an awesome gift for any woman who loves being active or simply just wearing activewear.

Ultraboosts are so comfortable and look great with any outfit. Seriously, I have expanded my collection since getting my first all-white pair and won’t stop until I have every color!

9. Cold Weather Accessories

Depending on where you live, it can be pretty chilly around Valentine’s Day.

Nothing says “I love you” quite like wanting to keep her warm during the cold winter months. Give your girl a unique gift that will help her to brave the cool and look great while doing it!

One of my favorite cold-weather accessory bundles on Amazon is from Fishers Finery Store.

Image of a woman wearing cashmere accessory set as an example of a last minute Valentines Day gift
Fishers Finery Women’s 3-Piece 100% Cashmere Pom Beanie Hat, Glove, and Scarf Set

The 100% Cashmere 3-Piece Set includes a pom beanie hat, a pair of gloves, and a scarf set.

Not only are these accessories extremely soft, comfortable, and luxurious, but they also come in a gorgeous gift box that makes your purchase gift-ready for Valentine’s Day.

10. A Luxuriously Soft Blanket

Another sweet way to let your Valentine know you’ll brave the cold with them is with a super soft, luxurious faux fur throw blanket.

Image of Soft and Warm winter blanket as an idea for last minute Valentines gifts for her
Eikei Luxury Faux Fur Throw Blanket

I love this one from Eikei, because it comes in so many nice neutral colors, as well as a few different size options.

One thing I hate about buying throw blankets is not knowing if they will be big enough to actually snuggle up under on the couch. A throw blanket being too small almost makes it not even worth the buy!

Rest assured, when shopping with Eikei, you can opt to order your blanket in an “extra long” size, as well as in the double sided option that is offered.

11. A Nice Candle

Set the mood for romance this Valentine’s Day by gifting her a luxurious candle.

The two keys to finding a candle that just screams “luxury” are the scent and the design.

Image of a candle in a copper pot with gold handles to illustrate a gift for her
Thymes Simmered Cider Candle in Copper Pot

I love the Simmered Cider scented candles from Thymes. These candles come in an absolutely gorgeous copper pot with golden handles.

They’re 18 ounces and made of high-quality wax that will burn for up to 68 hours.

Although the Simmered Cider scent may seem more appropriate for the fall, it definitely still makes for the perfect way to fill the cold Valentine’s Day air.

The best part about this candle is she will be able to reuse the pot for jewelry, keepsakes, or other special trinkets! This makes it a good gift that truly keeps on giving.

12. Gift Cards

Did you know you can buy gift cards on Amazon now?

Example of an Amazon Gift Card

I’m not talking about buying an Amazon gift card on Amazon. I mean–they have everything!

DoorDash, lululemon, Apple, Starbucks, Netflix, Ulta, Lowe’s, Chickfila, Lyft… really anything you can think of!

This was something even I did not know about until this year.

Guess I don’t have to run out to the drugstore to pick up a last minute gift card anymore. Now I can REALLY last-minute shop right from my couch.

A gift card to her favorite spot is easily one of the top last minute Valentine’s gifts for her. And now you don’t even have to leave your house to get it!

More Gift Ideas She’ll Love

Still looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift idea for her?

I’ve got you covered… don’t show up empty handed! Check out my complete luxury gift guides to find even more gift options.

I have compiled a list of gifts for all types of women, even the woman who says she wants nothing.

What was the best gift you’ve ever gotten or given for Valentine’s Day?

Let me know in the comments below!

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