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About Me

A Little Bit More About Me...

Welcome! My name is Summer Daidone. I am from New Jersey and I’m a full time college student, majoring in business administration. I am also a full time digital marketer! 

I have been doing digital marketing for over five years now. I am always taking steps to learn more and expand my knowledge in the marketing area. 

In my spare time, I love spending time outdoors. Laying out in the sun at the beach, reading, enjoying a delicious meal at a luxurious restaurant, and learning to cook something new are among my favorite things to do. My favorite place in the world to be is walking through the streets of New York City. 

I started My Luxury Loft because I wanted to share all of my awesome internet finds with others. I have always been interested in luxury items and luxury vacations. I have also always been an avid shopper, and I am especially into online shopping. What’s better than browsing and buying right from the comfort of your couch?!

My goal is to bring luxury right into the home of the common girl or guy. Living luxuriously is a way of life, and it’s one that you can enjoy too. Let’s work together to figure out how we can get you on the road to living the life of luxury.