Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattresses of 2021: Get the Best Night’s Sleep Ever!

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Get the Best Sleep Ever on One of the Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattresses!
You may already know by now that one of the keys to getting a good night of rest is having a good night routine. But when it comes to getting the very best beauty rest, you absolutely have to have the best mattress to sleep on.

A comfortable mattress will not only change the way you sleep, but will also improve how you feel during the day both physically and mentally.

As a Taurus, I like to consider myself an expert on three things: luxury, comfort, and most important of all–SLEEP!

So for these reasons, I would consider myself the right person to consult on the subject. 🙂

However, finding your mattress of preference requires thinking about a few different factors about your personal style of sleeping.

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So what should I look for?
When searching for the perfect mattress, you’ll want to consider a few things.

  • Type of mattress (layers and what they’re made of)
  • Firmness
  • Edge support
  • Bounce
  • Temperature

Some of the questions you may want to ask yourself when deciding on a new mattress include:

  • Do I get hot in the middle of the night? – Look for a mattress with great temperature control.
  • What level of firmness do I like? – Do you prefer a mattress that hugs your body (similar to memory foam), average contouring, or a more firm mattress?
  • Will I be the only one sleeping on this mattress or will I be sleeping with a partner? – Look for a mattress with good edge support and one that doesn’t sink to the middle.
  • Am I an eco-conscious shopper? – There are many mattresses available now that are eco-conscious and made using sustainable materials.
  • Which mattress will best support my weight? – Some mattresses are better suited for sleepers who weigh less and some are better suited for sleepers who weigh more. It’s important to take your weight into account when looking for the right amount of firmness!
  • What positions do I tend to sleep in? – You’ll need to find a mattress that alleviates pressure in all the right places–whether that be your head, neck, or back.
  • Am I a picky sleeper? – If you are picky with your mattresses, it may be a good idea to choose a mattress with a trial period.

When going through my picks for the top 10 most comfortable mattresses of 2020, I will be sure to take all of these factors into consideration and point them out when necessary to help make the decision easier for you.

1. Puffy

Puffy Lux Mattress

The Puffy mattress is my choice for the most comfortable mattress of 2020. What’s great about the Puffy mattress is that they offer so many different options (five, to be exact). This means every sleeper will find a mattress that fits their needs.

They say sleeping on a Puffy mattress feels like sleeping on a cloud, and after a night on this mattress I can tell you that this claim is no joke!

The Puffy mattress checks all of the right boxes and it works for all different types of sleepers.

The company also sells more than just mattresses–if you decide to go with a Puffy mattress you can also get a Puffy base and Puffy bedding from their complete line of pillows, blankets, sheets, mattress toppers, and more. They even sell dog beds and rugs that are up-to-par with their beloved mattress technology!

Puffy offers three different base mattress options: the Puffy Mattress, the Puffy Lux Mattress, and the Puffy Royal Mattress.

Puffy Original Mattress

10″ – 3 layers
Medium-Firm Comfort
Two Options: Lux (Memory Foam) and Lux Hybrid (Memory Foam + Coils)
Adapts to all sleeping types
Cooling Cloud Temperature Regulation
Climate Adaptive Materials
Comfort Pressure Relief
Balanced Support and Contouring

Puffy Lux Mattress

12″ – 4 layers
Medium-Plush Comfort
Adapts to all sleeping types
Cooling Cloud Temperature Regulation
Climate-Adaptive Materials
Can be placed on any surface/bed frame
Comfort Pressure Relief
Balanced Support & Contouring
High-Density Transition Comfort Layer
Enhanced Spinal Alignment
Luxury Cover

Puffy Royal Mattress

14″ – 5 layers
Memory Foam
Two Options: Royal (Memory Foam) and Royal Hybrid (Memory Foam + Coils)
Adapts to all sleeping types
Cooling Cloud Temperature Regulation
Can be placed on any surface/bed frame
Sectional Cloud Technology – multi-directional 5 layer system
Infused Cooling Beads
Reflexive Pressure Relief
Advanced Airflow
Stain Resistant and Washable Cover

Puffy Mattress
The original Puffy Mattress is 10″ with 3 layers: a Cooling Cloud layer on top, a Climate Comfort level, and a Firm Core Support layer as the base.

On a firmness scale from 1-10, the original Puffy ranks at about a 6-8 medium-firm comfort level. See more information about the Puffy Mattress.

Puffy Lux Mattress
The Puffy Lux Mattress is the bestseller that really gives the Puffy brand their amazing reputation.

A 12″ mattress, the Puffy Lux Mattress has 4 layers: a Cooling Cloud layer, an exclusive-to-Lux mattress Plush Dual Cloud layer, a Climate Comfort layer, and a Firm Core Support layer at the base.

The Puffy Lux ranks at a 5-7 medium-plush comfort level, a little less firm than the original Puffy mattress.

Read my full Puffy Lux mattress review here! Or visit Puffy’s website for more information.

Puffy Royal Mattress
The Puffy Royal is great because it truly suits all sleepers. It can be placed on any surface: including box springs, flat frames, slats, or adjustable frames.

The Puffy Royal mattress is 14″ with the same four layers as the Puffy Lux mattress, including the breathable third layer that regulates heat.

There are a few features that are exclusive to the Puffy Royal mattress. The Puffy Royal has a fifth layer with infused cooling beads that reduce heat retention and provide consistent and comfortable sleep.

Also exclusive to the Puffy Royal mattress, reflexive pressure relief technology allows the mattress to adjust to the shape of your body. The mattress also has sectional Cloud technology, which is a multi-directional 5-layer system that makes for enhanced spine support. The surface has five separate cloud zones, which provides for support to the back, with a softer feel for the head, neck, shoulders, and feet.

While the original Puffy and Puffy Lux both have technologies that allow for breathability and temperature control, the Puffy Royal has advanced airflow–which minimizes heat absorption and results in superior airflow.

Check out more information about the Puffy Royal here.

Pros and Cons of Puffy Mattress

Pros – The Puffy mattress is available in so many different options. Aside from just the 3 different types of mattresses offered, the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal also come in both memory foam and hybrid options.

The Puffy mattress is good for couples. It isolates motion well, which means if your partner tosses and turns it won’t wake you up in the middle of the night.

Once you place your order with Puffy, your mattress will ship in a box via FedEx within 1-3 business days. Ordering a mattress has never been easier!

Puffy offers a 101-night sleep trial. They want you to be happy with your new mattress! You’ll receive a full refund and they will even pick the mattress back up, free of charge. Not only does Puffy come with a trial period, the mattresses also have a lifetime warranty.

Every part of a Puffy mattress is made in the USA – the Cloud cover and Cloud foam are made in the US, and the mattresses are assembled, designed, and sewn in the US.

Puffy also donates to children in need! As a company, they believe every child should have a comfortable mattress to sleep on. Help donate a Puffy mattress to a child in need by sharing a photo no Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. For every 10 posts, Puffy will donate a mattress to a child in need.

Cons – Puffy mattresses have minimal bounce. If this may be an issue for you but you still want to go with the Puffy, I highly recommend getting the “hybrid” version of the Puffy Lux or Puffy Royal.

Puffy mattresses will provide the best night’s sleep to sleepers who are under 230 pounds. If you are higher than 230 pounds, your hips, shoulders, and abdomen may press into the mattress too much. This is generally true for foam mattresses, and the hybrid version may work better if you are heavier.

‣ 101-Night Sleep Trial‣ Lifetime Warranty
‣ Made in the USA‣ Free shipping (and returns)
‣ Ships within 1-3 business days‣ 3 Different Mattresses (ranging in firmness from medium to medium-firm)
‣ Cooling Cloud Temperature Regulation, Breathable Gel Layer‣ Climate-Adaptive Materials
‣ Hypoallergenic‣ Total pressure relief
‣ Stain resistant cover‣ Donates to children in need

2. Solay

The Solay Luxury Hybrid Mattress

When creating their mattress, Solay wanted to push for quality, luxury, and affordability. They take pride in their memory foam products being long-lasting and of great value.

Solay offers three different mattresses to account for the needs of a variety of different sleepers. They even sell two different bed frames and pillows so that you get the complete Solay-style sleep at night!

Solay Classic Foam

10″ foam mattress
Evencor gel allows for premium cooling
Higher life expectancy than the average mattress
Certipur certified

Solay Luxury Hybrid

10″ hybrid mattress made up of 6 layers
Two layers of cooling gel
Layer of pocketed steel spring coils
Relieves pressure points
Solay’s Most Luxurious Mattress Option!

Solay Classic Foam
The Solay Classic Foam mattress is a 10″ total-foam mattress.

The bottom 7″ are made up of a highly-resilient base foam that allows for comfort and support.

There are 2″ of transitional foam on top of the base, which leads into 1″ of Evencor, which is a gel that allows for cooling and comfort throughout the surface.

Solay Luxury Hybrid
The Solay Luxury Hybrid mattress is Solay’s most luxurious mattress. It is made up of six layers that were designed to create the perfect night’s sleep.

The top two layers are made up of cooling gel foam and TENCIL fabric, which is used to regulate body temperature.

The Solay Luxury Hybrid also has a layer of pocketed steel spring coils–this is where the “hybrid” factor comes into play! The coils add an extra later of comfort and prevent any sinking or sagging that you might feel on a foam mattress.

The two final layers of support foam surrounding the coils work to relieve pressure points as you sleep.

Solay Economy
Solay also offers an economy version of their foam mattress. For a very affordable price, the Solay Economy mattress offers a level of comfort that is found in the classic Solay foam mattresses. This mattress is only available in twin and full sizes.

Pros and Cons of Solay Mattresses

Pros – The Solay mattresses come with a 25-year warranty and 90-night risk-free trial period. Shipping is free and all of their mattresses are made in the USA.

Both the Solay Classic Foam and Solay Luxury Hybrid mattress have cooling and temperature regulating technologies, and through testing the mattresses it can be confirmed that these technologies do a great job of keeping sleeping cool.

The hybrid mattress in particular performs well in terms of support, edge support, and durability. Solay takes pride in the fact that their mattresses are long-lasting.

Cons – Because the Solay mattresses are foam-based, they tend to work better for side-sleepers. Those who sleep on their backs may need a firmer mattress.

Another con I have found with the Solay mattress is that the mattresses cannot be purchased online. Customers are required to call to order their new mattress. I feel like this takes some of the convenience out of ordering a mattress online that ships to your home in a box.

‣ 25 Year Warranty‣ 90-night Trial
‣ Made in the USA‣ Free shipping
‣ 3 Mattress Options‣ Long-lasting support
‣ Foam and hybrid options available‣ Cooling EVENcor and TENCIL technologies
‣ Ships to your door within 7-10 days‣ Returned mattresses go to charity

3. Idle Sleep

Idle Hybrid Mattress

Idle Sleep offers five different mattresses, with three different types of mattress options.

With so many options to choose from, there is truly something for everyone to find and enjoy sleeping on. It really comes down to figuring out what works best for you!

What really sets them apart from other mattress companies is their their 548-night risk-free trial. That’s 18 months of a trial period! Most mattress companies will offer a 90-100 day trial period. This really shows that Idle wants their customers to feel comfortable on the mattress they choose.

The Idle
Affordable Gel Foam Mattress

12″ gel foam mattress
Medium firmness
Aircell gel memory foam
CertiPUR-US certified foam (no toxins!)

Idle Gel Plush
Luxury Gel Foam Mattress

14″ luxury gel foam mattress
Medium firmness
Aircell gel memory foam
CertiPUR-US certified foam (no toxins!)

Best-Seller with Coils and Foam

14″ hybrid mattress (coil and foam)
Medium & luxury firmness
1000 coils and 2″ buoyancy foam
CertiPUR-US certified foam (no toxins!)

Latex Hybrid – Dunlop
Most Popular Latex Mattress

14″ latex mattress
Medium & luxury firmness
1000 coils and 2″ buoyancy foam
100% organic latex and cotton (no toxins!)

Latex Hybrid – Talalay
Premium Latex Mattress

14″ premium latex mattress
Medium & luxury firmness
1000 coils and 2″ buoyancy foam
100% organic latex and cotton (no toxins!)

The Idle
The Idle mattress is Idle Sleep’s affordable gel foam mattress. They take pride in offering at least 1″ of extra support than most other mattress brands. This extra inch of support makes Idle Sleep stand out among their competitors because it adds in a feature of plushness that is hard to find in a standard 10″ mattress.

The mattress has 5 levels of support with body contouring and adaptive gel-fused temperature-regulating layers that allow for comfortable sleep.

While The Idle is Idle Sleep’s most inexpensive mattress, it is still a revolutionary foam that beats most other brands. You won’t be sinking, sweating or waking up uncomfortable at any time while sleeping on this mattress.

Idle Plush
The Idle Plush is the same mattress as The Idle, only with an extra two inches of mattress.

So what does this mean? Why do you need an extra 2 inches? Believe it or not, these two inches will make a huge difference in terms of added cooling and softness. It’s definitely worth it if you prefer a softer feeling bed.

Idle Hybrid
The Idle Hybrid mattress combines 1000 supportive coils and pressure relieving foam to make for the best-selling mattress at Idle Sleep. When purchasing your hybrid mattress, you can choose between a medium firmness and a luxury-firm firmness.

The mattress is made with Idle’s revolutionary Buoyancy Foam, which has 400% more support than regular memory foam. The mattress having 1,000 smart support coils is also a pretty big deal, as the traditional mattress only has about 300 springs.

The Idle Hybrid is also two-sided. This means your mattress will have two times the life expectancy. If your mattress starts to get old and slightly uncomfortable, just flip it over for the feeling of a brand-new mattress!

Latex Hybrid – Dunlop & Talalay
Idle Sleep’s latex mattresses are eco-friendly and handmade with 100% organic cotton and latex. All materials are hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, and dust-mite resistant.

Pros and Cons of Idle Sleep

Pros – Idle Sleep has a lot of different factors that set them above their competitors. The biggest pro has to be their 18-month trial period and their Warranty Without End.

‣ 548-night risk-free trial (18 months)‣ Warranty Without End
‣ 3 types of mattresses: Hybrid, Latex, and Gel Foam‣ Five different mattresses to choose from
‣ Shipping is free‣ Shipping for returns are free
‣ Ships to your door within 4-10 business days‣ White Glove Delivery Offered
‣ Opportunity to Finance‣ All mattresses include 2 free pillows!


Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme Mattress

Keetsa brings coziness to a new level with a collection of 6 mattresses to choose from, as well as a pet bed & frame, and even a natural soy Keetsa candle!

The six mattresses belong to three different categories: the iCoil Mattresses, the Memory Foam Mattresses, and the Hybrid Mattresses.

The iCoil Mattresses include the Keetsa Plus and the Keetsa Pillow plus. Both are made of Keeta’s proprietary iCoil technology, covered by a layer of softness meant to create the perfect night’s sleep.

The Memory Foam mattresses include The Keetsa Cloud and the Tea Leaf Supreme. These mattresses are made with Keetsa’s BioFoam technology, which provides the support of a memory foam mattress while reducing excess motion. These mattresses are great at conforming to the body of each person on the mattress–making them a great option for couples!

The two mattresses in the hybrid collection include the Tea Leaf Classic and the Tea Leaf Dream. These are made with high-tech memory foam and the responsive iCoils found in the iCoil Mattresses. This makes for, in my opinion, the two most comfortable mattresses in the Keetsa range.

Keetsa mattresses are made with materials that promote good health. They are made with 10% cotton fabric that is treated with a flame retardant agent to ensure safety.

All of Keetsa’s mattresses come with a 12-year warranty and free shipping.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of the brand is their commitment to being environmentally conscience. They are dedicated to creating products that are affordable for you, while not being easy on the environment.

Brentwood Home

Brentwood Home Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The full collection of Brentwood Home mattresses includes five different mattresses: the Oceano Mattress, the Hybrid Latex Mattress, the Cedar Luxe Mattress, the Cypress Memory Foam Mattress, and the Crystal Cove Mattress.

The Oceano Mattress is Brentwood Home’s best-selling mattress. This luxury mattress is made out of organic certified wool and cotton and has a medium-soft feel. It has over 2,500 coils, memory foam made of BioFoam, and a plant-based Tencel cover.

Brentwood Home’s newest mattress option, the Hybrid Latex Mattress, is made out of natural and recycled materials with a medium firmness. Each mattress is made out of up to 57 recycled bottles, with no polyurethane foams. It is 12 inches thick and made of 4 inches of natural latex with 3 different zones and over 900 8-inch coils. This mattress even has handles!

The Cedar Luxe Mattress offered by Brentwood Home is one of their most eco-conscious options, with 100% being natural materials that are GOTS organic certified. This mattress is made with a hybrid design and rated as being medium-firm.

Brentwood Home’s most affordable option, the Cypress Affordable Memory Foam Mattress is made with charcoal-infused memory foam, meant to keep you cool during sleep. They also offer a hybrid upgrade for those who prefer more support in their mattress!

The Crystal Cove Mattress is an amazing vegan option offered by Brentwood Home. The mattress is dual-sided and includes a 5-zone support system, which is designed with recovery and restoration in mind. No wool is used in this mattress-which makes it completely vegan and GREENGUARD Gold Certified!

Brentwood Home has lots of other cozy and eco-friendly additions available on their site–their Crystal Cove Activated Charcoal Pillows and Zuma Foam Wedge Pillows will change your life!


The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re shopping for a mattress, you’ve probably heard of Nectar before.

Nectar keeps it simple with two mattress options: The Nectar Mattress and The Nectar Lush Mattress.

The Nectar Mattress is made of a premium memory foam that flawlessly contours to your body shape. It has temperature-regulating technology and is a great choice for all types of sleepers, including front, back, and side sleepers!

The Nectar Lush Mattress is one inch thicker than the standard Nectar Mattress and has five layers of premium foam. It has dual action cooling and amazing support, all while feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

The company knows you are going to love your mattress. All Nectar mattresses come with lifetime warranties and a 365-night trial!


The Casper Original Mattress

Over the past few years, Casper has become one of the most popular “mattress in a box” companies.

They offer a lot of great features, such as a 100-night risk-free trial, free delivery, and a 10-year limited warranty.

Casper offers three different mattresses: the Wave Hybrid, the Nova Hybrid, and the Original Casper mattress.

Those who have aches or pains will really enjoy the Wave Hybrid Mattress, as it features the most advanced support system for spinal alignment. It also has cooling technologies to make for a pleasant, temperature-controlled night’s sleep.

For sleepers who enjoy a softer, more plush feel in their mattress, the Nova Hybrid is an excellent choice. Although this mattress offers a soft-touch feel, it offers plenty of support because it is a hybrid.

Sleepers looking for the perfect mix of support and cooling will be satisfied with the Original Casper mattress, their most popular and most affordable option.


Purple Hybrid Mattress

When thinking of a modern-day mattress-in-a-box, Purple may be one of the first that come to mind. Most well-known for their gel grid technology, the Purple mattress offers an experience that is difficult to compete with.

The Grid was created to perfectly support various pressure points across the body while keeping the body aligned.

Purple has 3 different mattresses on the market, as well as an all-new Kids mattress.

The classic mattress offered by the company is The Purple Mattress. With 2 inches of gel Grid and a dual-layer comfort foam, you’re sure to have an amazing night’s sleep.

The Purple Hybrid mattress combines the gel Grid technology in the original mattress with coils that allow for better airflow and more responsiveness than the all-foam mattresses on the market.

The most luxurious of all Purple mattresses, the Purple Hybrid Premier contains the same coils along with the option of a 3-inch or 4-inch Grid top layer.

All Purple mattresses come with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. Also, don’t worry about shipping or returns as Purple covers these costs!


EcoTerra Hybrid Latex Mattress

Much of what you need to know about the EcoTerra mattress is right in the name! All of their mattresses are eco-friendly–made with natural and non-toxic materials, as well as no synthetics!

The EcoTerra Hybrid Latex Mattress is made of 100% talalay latex, organic cotton, and wool (no polyurethane or toxins!). Breathable materials allow for a cool and comfortable night of sleep.

Because it is a hybrid mattress, the EcoTerra bed also has responsive coil encased in fabric for optimal comfort and durability.

One great feature offered by EcoTerra is the ability to choose the firmness you like: either medium or medium-firm

All of the EcoTerra products are handcrafted in California and come with a 90-night trial.


Nolah Signature 12″ Mattress

The smiley face seen in the Nolah logo is the perfect representation for how one who sleeps on one of these mattresses will wake up. Made with side and back sleepers in mind, the Nolah mattresses are not memory foam. They are made of the company’s proprietary cooling AirFoam.

Nolah offers three different mattresses, providing an option for every type of sleeper out there.

The Nolah Original 10″ Mattress is much more durable than the average memory foam mattress. It has medium firmness, low motion transfer, and medium pressure relief. Like all Nolah mattresses, the Original 10″ does a great job at keeping the sleeper cool all night long.

The Nolah Signature 12″ Mattress takes the 10″ up a few steps with 12 inches of either soft or firm material. The motion transfer is even lower for this mattress, and it scores very high in pressure relief and body conforming. As an added bonus, this mattress also has an organic cotton cover.

The Nolah Evolution 15″ Hybrid Mattress is perhaps their most luxurious option. This mattress has a medium level of firmness with low motion transfer. Because this mattress incorporates Nolah’s AirFoamICE and HDMax tori-zoned support coils, the Evolution ranks ultra-high in cooling and durability.

Nolah offers 0% financing through Affirm and a 120-night trial period for their products.

Latex for Less

The Latex for Less Latex Mattress

Latex for Less specializes in mattresses made out of natural latex.

The Latex for Less mattress is made up of either 7 or 9 inches of talalay latex. When purchasing your mattress, you’ll get to choose which thickness you prefer for your mattress and this will affect the firmness. The 7″ model is slightly firmer than the 9″ model.

Both models are flippable, which means these mattresses will last much longer than a traditional one-sided mattress.

Sweet Zzz

Sweet Zzz Hanna Hybrid Mattress

Sweet Zzz is a lesser-known mattress company that takes pride in their rural and eco-friendly products. The company offers both latex and hybrid mattress models, both with a no risk trial and free shipping.

Their latex model is the Natures Novel Latex Mattress, which is made out of all-natural latex and 100% natural wool. The natural wool mattress cover provides for comfortable sleep through every season, as it was designed to react to your body’s temperature.

The hybrid option, Hanna Hybrid Mattress, has superior cooling technology, amazing contouring, and unbeatable comfort. The top of this mattress is made of 6 inches of Eco-Foam, which is able to react to pressure and weight.

All of Sweet Zzz’s products are handmade in the U.S.!

Check out my full review of the Sweet Zzz Natures Novel mattress!

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