16 Amazingly Clever Gifts For the Woman Who Wants Nothing

Image of a woman and a sunflower field with her arms raised above her head inferring her happiness because someone bought her the perfect gift for the woman who wants nothing

Gifts For the Woman Who Wants Nothing

A holiday, her birthday, or just a special day is approaching. You ask the special woman in your life what she wants as a gift, she says the classic “nothing!”

I get it, this can be pretty frustrating. Especially if you are not a natural gift-giver and don’t feel comfortable picking things out on your own.

Lucky for you, I AM a natural gift-giver and know all of the secrets behind buying the perfect gift.

We all know a woman who wants nothing. Whether it’s because she already has everything or because she actually wants nothing–I’m here to tell you that no matter the circumstances, there are still many ways you can make her feel special.

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For the Woman Who Loves to Cook

A cheese board made out of wood and marble is a very clever gift idea for the woman who wants nothing

Wood & Marble Cheese Board and Knife Set
If you weren’t already aware, aesthetically pleasing food trays and platters are extremely in right now. Cheese tastes great, but it tastes even better when your eyes are able to simultaneously feast on a well-arranged cheese board as you snack.

This cheese board and knife set is the perfect gift for any woman who likes posting pictures of their food on their Instagram story. A set like this is sure to have the likes rolling in.

Pair your gift with a few blocks of cheese, and she will be on her way to curating perfection in no time!

Swedish Steel 17-Piece Knife Set
There is nothing quite like a brand new knife set. If you love to cook, you know that! Give her the gift of the satisfaction felt when a freshly sharpened knife slices through a steak with ease.

These knives are made of Swedish steel, which is said to stay sharp up to five times longer than traditional (more common) German steel knife sets.

Pair your gorgeous kitchen set with more kitchen utensils! Check out this stainless steel utensil set. That will look LOVELY with her marble counter tops.

Stainless Steel Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden
This gift will check the right boxes for a woman who loves to cook AND for a woman who loves gardening.

One of my favorite parts about cooking is going out to my herb garden to pick some of the fresh herbs that I grew myself. With an indoor hydroponic herb garden, the girl in your life won’t even have to leave the kitchen.

The best part about this hydroponic indoor garden is that the plants do not require any soil to grow, which means no mess on your gorgeous marble counters!

Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker
What’s better than ice cream? Homemade ice cream! Whether the woman you’re buying for loves spending time cooking in the kitchen, or simply just loves sweets, she is sure to be delighted by this ice cream maker.

Ice cream makers are really fun because the opportunities for recipes to make are absolutely endless. Go with a simple chocolate, mix in Oreo’s for a cookies & cream, or go all out with a vanilla and raspberry swirl!

Two of my favorite things about this ice cream maker are: 1. that it has 3 compartments for adding your favorite toppings and 2. it also comes in pink!

For the Woman Who Loves to Relax & Unwind

Bamboo Bathtub Tray
Let’s be real, few things in life are as luxurious as a good bubble bath. An average bubble bath entails a tub full of warm water and some soapy bubbles. But a good bubble bath calls for candles, some reading material or other form of entertainment, and definitely a glass of wine.

Give the woman in your life a place to set down her phone and her glass of wine as she relaxes in the tub with this luxurious bamboo bathtub tray.

A nice way to present this gift to her is to run the bath and set up her new tray. Pair your gift with a luxury robe that she can throw on after her bath. Relaxation at it’s finest!

Rainfall Shower Head System
A rainfall showerhead system is truly a shower and self-care GAME CHANGER.

This shower head system is so luxurious, she will never want to leave the shower again. It’s available in 10 or 12 square inch head sizes (I totally recommend the 12 square inches because that means 2 extra square inches of pure rainfall bliss!) that are is attached to a ball joint which allows for the shower head to aim the water in different directions.

It also comes with a handheld showerhead, 15-inch shower arm, a shower holder, and a water control valve. The best part? The head is able to monitor water pressure changes, which means you won’t be burned by super hot water coming out too quickly. Pair your gift with some all-natural soaps.

Foot Massager Machine with Heat Therapy
The best part of getting a pedicure? Definitely the massage! Bring the comfort and relaxation of a pedicure right into her home with this heated foot massager. It comes with settings for deep kneading, with three levels of intensity and five modes for comfort: rolling massage, compression therapy, a sway function, heat therapy, or quiet mode.

This is an especially great gift for a woman who is very active, works on her feet, or has health conditions affecting her comfort. Complete your gift with a back and neck massager. This one is also complete with deep kneading and heat therapy!

For the Woman Who is Always On the Go

Apple Watch
As technology continues to become more and more integrated into our lives, smartwatches are becoming more important accessories.

An Apple Watch is the perfect gift for any woman who might want to check her texts and calls, send replies, and create reminders quickly. If she is into fitness, the Apple Watch will also track steps and exercise among other activities.

If the woman in your life wants nothing, an Apple Watch may be just the gift idea that will change her mind! Pair your gift with one of these awesome Apple Watch accessories.

Amazon Echo
Alexa, what is the perfect gift for the woman in my life that wants nothing? An Amazon Echo, obviously!

If your girl does not already have an Echo, she needs one. Seriously, I used to be an Alexa non-believer. That is, until I had one. Now the first person I speak to when I wake up is Alexa. Alexa, what should I wear today? Alexa, what’s on my grocery list? Alexa, remind me to complete that task at 8. Alexa, is it going to rain tonight?

I guess it’s kind of sad that I rely on her so much, but it is just so useful to get instant answers when I’m busy doing something else like getting dressed, working, or cooking dinner.

Aside from Alexa being one of my best friends, the sound quality is awesome on the Echo. You can even connect the Echo to other Echos or the Echo Dot placed elsewhere in your home to play music all throughout the house. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me!

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine
Give her the gift of a better-than-Starbucks cup of coffee. The best part? She won’t even have to leave the house to get her daily cup of happiness!

This espresso machine is as professional as it gets–the machine grinds the espresso beans, brews precise shots, and even foams milk for all of her latte or cappuccino needs.

This machine checks every mark. Not only will she be on the road to making amazing espresso drinks, but this machine will look gorgeous in the kitchen.

For the Woman Who Loves her Pet

Image of a custom painted watercolor portrait of a golden retriever as a clever gift idea for women

Custom Pet Portrait Painting
I LOVE giving gifts that I know will really mean a lot to the recipient.

Let’s be honest, we all know pet lovers love their pets more than they love us! This is why the perfect gift for the woman who wants nothing or already has everything is this custom pet portrait painting.

The painting is handmade by a small business and is available in multiple different sizes. The woman in your life is sure to love hanging a gorgeous watercolor painting of her furbaby up on the wall!

Pair your thoughtful gift with a cute frame for her to put her new painting in.

For the Creative Woman

Apple iPad
An iPad is great for more than just playing games on. If the woman in your life is creative and enjoys writing, reading, drawing, or just the arts in general, an iPad makes for an awesome gift.

Many artists prefer to use iPads now because they are so easy to throw into a bag and bring along on a journey.

If you do decide to get her an iPad–especially if you think she will use it for creative purposes–you’ll definitely want to pair your gift with an Apple Pencil.

For the Woman Who Likes to Look Great

Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler
Ladies, I think we can all agree that the worst part of showering is… washing our hair! Washing your hair as a woman is such an irritating task. Sure, it feels great to have clean and pretty hair after but the journey to looking put together once your hair gets wet is a long one.

She may already have a high-end hair dryer or straightener that she loves (hence, wanting nothing), but TRUST ME when I tell you if that hair dryer is not already a Dyson, then she NEEDS this one.

Make styling easy for the woman in your life with the Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler. Created for a variety of hair types and styles, this high-tech hair dryer and styler halves the time it takes to do your hair by styling and drying simultaneously, while doubling the amount of shine and volume.

Consider pairing this gift with a travel and storage case for her new Dyson accessories.

Philips Lumea Hair Removal Device
Laser hair removal at home? Count me in! The Philips Lumea is easily the best at-home hair removal device. It’s safe to use anywhere–including the body, face, and bikini area.

Not every woman wants to be completely hairless (and that’s totally cool with me!), but if the woman you know would be into it, this device is totally worth it. Definitely pair your gift with a pair of UV protection glasses and some cooling gel. She will really appreciate it that she will be able to start using her device right away!

Vanity Mirror with Lights
Ladies, say it with me: lighting is EVERYTHING! For getting ready, putting on makeup, and for selfies! This vanity mirror with lights provides the perfect lighting for photos and makeup application alike.

I can assure you that the woman in your life will be impressed by your efforts to take her vanity game up to the next level. Take it a step further by pairing your gift with a set of high end makeup brushes and a makeup storage box.

Image of a woman wearing a sundress showing a great gift idea for the woman who wants nothing

Summer Dress
If the woman you’re shopping for already has everything, it’s pretty likely she already has an extensive closet.

Add to her collection of clothes by gifting her a cute new summer dress!

I love this one from Amazon because of how stylish and flattering it is. The waist tie really helps to accentuate curves and looks great on all body types! It also comes in 19+ different color options.

Pair your gift with a pair of super cute heeled sandals.

More Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Wants Nothing!

Still looking for a great gift for the woman in your life who wants nothing, and perhaps already has everything? Check out my complete guide to luxury gift-giving!

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Are you one to say “I don’t want anything” every time a holiday or your birthday rolls around? Let me know the best gift you ever received in the comments below!

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