The Top 18 Most Adorable Luxury Dog Collars

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Treat Your Best Furry Friend to one of the Cutest Luxury Dog Collars
When it comes to our furry friends, it’s safe to say that we all want the absolute best for them!

They deserve to live a life of luxury just as much (if not, maybe more!) as we do.

I know when I put my boy’s Canada Pooch jacket on, he walks around like he’s the greatest thing to ever walk this Earth. Isn’t that how we all want our fur babies to feel, all the time?!

Whether it’s just to take a daily walk down the street, or you’re taking your pup to a fun event. Dress your pooch up in the finest attire and they’re sure to be the talk of the town!

I’ve searched high and low for some of the most adorable luxury dog collars. Whether you’ve got a little princess or a macho boy to buy for, you’re sure to find something that fits your dog.

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Vackertass Two-Tone Leather Collar (Navy and Nude)

Vackertass Two-Tone Leather Collar
I love this particular leather collar because it is two-toned, giving it a much more unique look than the average collar.

The two-toned color options offered are all very sleek, but the navy/nude combination (shown in photo above) is definitely my favorite! Other colorways include: tan/jade, nude/jade, black/brown, nude/red, and nude/black.

The collars are all handmade from full-grain leather sourced from local UK suppliers. The hardware is made from solid brass, making it very durable and resistant to rust.

Tanpie Classic Genuine Leather Collar

Tanpie Classic Genuine Leather Dog Collar
One of my favorite luxurious dog collars from Amazon is the Tanpie Classic Genuine Leather Collar. The Tanpie Store is packed with lots of high-quality, fashionable items and these dog collars fit right in.

Available in black, brown, grey, and red, the collars are made of high-quality genuine leather. They’re flexible, soft, and breathable so that your pup will always be comfortable while wearing it.

These collars also come in 4 sizes: extra small, small, medium, and large which means that all breed and sizes will find a size that fits!

Project Blu Hamilton ELeather Collar

Project Blu Hamilton ELeather Collar
The Project Blu Hamilton ELeather Collar is a really adorable luxury dog collar made of a premium sustainable leather that has been recycled from unused leather. These collars are handmade by Italian artisans and fitted with nickel fixings that have been built to last.

No worried about this collar getting dirty, it’s been designed to last in all types of weather and terrain. It can be wiped completely clean at the end of the day!

Love how sturdy this gorgeous collar is? Project Blu also has a matching leash!

Freshwater Pearl and Quartz Mini Beaded Dog Collar

Freshwater Pearl and Quartz Mini Beaded Dog Collar
Bitch New York’s beaded collars have such a unique look to them and are sure to have any passerby look twice.

One of my favorite beaded collars from the site is the Freshwater Pearl and Quartz Mini Beaded Dog Collar. The collar is white with tones of silver, white, and baby pink. It’s the perfect collar for a very fancy little girl!

The collar is made from gemstones, genuine leather, and brass and zinc allow based metal hardware.

This collar style is, unfortunately, only for smaller dogs as the sizes only go up to a medium (fitting a 12″-14″ neck). However, they do have a very similar collar for larger dogs!

Also check out the matching leash!

Wild One Collar (Spruce)

Wild One Collar
The iconic collar from Wild One has that perfect Instagram-aesthetic you may be searching for. The collar is designed to be sleek and chic. It’s made with matte rubbery material designed to hold up well in all types of weather while still remaining comfortable.

Because the collar is made of a flex poly coated webbing strap, it is completely dirt and odor resistant. Simply wipe off any debris after a messy walk and your good boy is good to go!

The collar is available in eight different colors: spruce, navy, blush, lilac, tan, coral red, black, and gray. It comes in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL.

If you’re thinking of going with the Wild One Collar, definitely check out their matching leashes or their Collar Walk Kit option which includes a matching collar, leash, and poop bag carrier. You’ll save $20 when purchasing the collar as part of the Walk Kit!

Hoadin Vegan Eco-Friendly Canvas Collar (Forest Green)

Hoadin Vegan Eco-Friendly Canvas Collar
This is my top choice for vegan options! The Hoadin Canvas Collar is both vegan and eco-friendly. If sustainability is a huge priority for you when dressing your pup up, this is the perfect option for you.

The canvas collar is available in 7 different colors: navy blue, raspberry red, tangerine orange, forest green, charcoal gray, periwinkle purple, and ebony black.

This sturdy and durable collar has a modern design with aluminum hardware–built to last for many years to come!

FriendshipCollar Vegan Leather Dog Collar & Matching Bracelet in Glittery Pink

FriendshipCollar Vegan Leather Dog Collar & Matching Bracelet
I’m living proof: dogs ARE a girl’s best friend! Now you can show off the incredible bond you have with your pooch in style.

This stunning glittery pink vegan leather dog collar from FriendshipCollar comes with a human-sized matching bracelet! How cute is that? I truly cannot think of any other dog collar that is as adorable as this one.

You’re sure to find a collar that fits your baby, as it is available in many sizes: XXXS, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. It’s also made of completely cruelty-free vegan leather that is scratch and water resistant.

FriendshipCollar Vegan Leather Dog Collar & Matching Bracelet in Classic Gingham

More Colors Available!
Not sure your pup will be into the glittery pink? Check out these other sets: black with gold polka dots, herringbone tweed, and black/white classic gingham!

Bitch New York Heart Pink & White Cat Eye on Pink Collar

Heart Pink & White Cat Eye on Pink Collar
To me, this collar just screams girly-girl! This is totally the type of collar you might see Elle Woods’ little chihuahua sporting along with her usual pink outfit.

The collar is handcrafted with genuine leather and heart-shaped pink and white cat eye cabochons. All of the metal hardware is made of brass and zinc alloy based metals, which makes them rust-resistant, nickel and lead safe, and very durable.

Also check out Bitch New York’s matching leash!

Eat Play Wag Two-Tone Canvas Collar (Blossom Pink and Lilac Purple)

Eat Play Wag Two-Tone Canvas Collar
This two-toned canvas collar from Eat Play Wag is one of my favorites because of how girly and cute it is! I really love this collar, especially in this colorway.

The blossom pink/lilac purple has pretty rose gold hardware. It’s made out of 100% cotton and has a 100% nylon core, making the collar extremely comfortable for your pet while still being very durable.

Eat Play Wag Two-Tone Canvas Collar (Navy Blue and Grass Green)

Buying a collar for a boy dog?
Eat Play Wag made this gorgeous collar in more colors than just the girly blossom pink/lilac purple combination!

This collar is offered in six different colorways: blossom pink/lilac purple, navy blue/natural beige, lilac purple/grass green, navy blue/grass green, navy blue/lilac purple, and grass green/blossom pink.

Bitch New York Monte Carlo Brown Dog Collar

Monte Carlo Brown Dog Collar
Bitch New York’s Monte Carlo Brown dog collar has all the pizzazz that a spunky pup who likes some bling would want!

The collar is crafted using square princess cut crystal rhinestones, genuine leather, and brass and zinc alloy based metal hardware.

Not only will this collar look adorable on your pooch, but it was also built to last. The Monte Carlo collar is surely one of the most adorable luxury dog collars out there!

Bitch New York Flower Piccolo Cloud Leather Dog Collar

Flower Piccolo Cloud Leather Dog Collar
Designed and crafted in Italy by Frida Firenze, there is no collar more fit for a high-fashion sunshine-loving pup than the Piccolo Cloud collar! The leather is made in a prestigious Tuscan leather factory and hand-crafted.

The leash hook and buckle closure is made from pure brass metal, with a golden finish to it.

Not only does this collar look completely adorable, but it is also comfortable and durable. This collar can be worn during unexpected walks and runs.

This is the perfect collar for a pup that’s got some style!

MiaCara Hand-Braided Leather Collar (Tan)

MiaCara Hand-Braided Leather Collar
For a special twist on the average leather collar, MiaCara created a carefully designed and crafted hand-braided look for your best furry friend.

The collar is offered in three different colors: tan, brown, and black.

It is made with double-face leather and is extremely durable, which means it will hold up well during daily use. The hardware is made of matte metal, and includes a D ring that your pup’s name tag will look amazing hanging from!

Bitch New York Turquoise and Cat Eye Imperial Dog Collar

Turquoise and Cat Eye Imperial Dog Collar
The Turquoise and Cat Eye Imperial Dog Collar from Bitch New York is the perfect collar for the goodest girl or goodest boy in town!

The collar is made of gemstones and genuine leather. All of the metal hardware is made of brass, making them extremely durable and resistant to rusting.

Also check out the gorgeous matching leash, too!

Project Blu Amalfi Apple “Leather” Collar

Project Blu Amalfi Apple “Leather” Collar
While Project Blu’s sustainable ELeather collar also made my list, I couldn’t leave out their Amalfi Apple “Leather” Collar as a wonderful vegan option!

This collar is made from a vegan, eco-friendly “leather” made out of apple skins and a bio-based polymer. While it IS made of apples, it looks and feels exactly like real leather! It is also very durable and will even work well for walking large dogs.

The collar is completely waterproof, and it will hold up in many different types of terrains.

Also check out the matching Amalfi Apple “Leather” leash!

Bitch New York’s Bias Plaid Tan Collar

Bias Plaid Tan Dog Collar
The Bias Plaid Tan collar from Bitch New York is extremely cute and will have your pet giving off a very luxurious vibe in the familiar tan, red, and black plaid pattern.

The collar is made of woven ribbon sewn onto comfortable nylon webbing. This makes the collar both durable and comfortable for your pooch. The snap clasp is made of plastic and the D-ring is nickel-plated.

Dress your puppy up from head to toe in the Bias Plaid collection! Check out the necktie, bow tie, and bandana in a matching print!

Warner Sporting Cumberland Collar

Warner Sporting Cumberland Leather Collar with Engraved Brass ID Tag
You really can’t go wrong with a leather collar. These types of collars look great on dogs of all types and sizes and provide a much more luxurious look than the average collar.

This Cumberland leather collar from Warner Sporting is especially luxurious because it has an engraved brass ID tag. You can get your pooch’s name engraved right onto their collar, along with your address or phone number as needed.

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